Daniela white md

Daniela White, MD finished her residency in Adult Psychiatry at Baylor College of Medicine in 2000 and continued her training in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry at the same institution till 2002. During her training, she served as Chief Resident at Baylor Clinic in 2000 and Chief Fellow Resident in the Fellowship Program in 2002.

She received her Diploma in Psychodynamic Therapy after she completed the two year training program at the Houston Galveston Psychoanalytic Institute between 2000 and 2002. Currently she is Board Certified in both Adult Psychiatry and Child and Adolescent Psychiatry.In 2002 she started her Private Outpatient Clinic (currently named Midtown Psychiatry and TMS Center) while she also worked as the director of the Child and Adolescent Inpatient unit at the Intracare Psychiatric Hospital in Houston,Texas.

In 2011 she became certified in TMS (Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation Therapy) a noninvasive, outpatient therapy cleared by FDA as an innovative treatment for Major Depressive Disorder resistant to medication therapy and for patients that encounter side effects from the traditionally used pharmacological agents.

In 2013 she received her training in NLP (Neurolinguistic Programing) as a motivational coach and NLP practitioner, preceding her certification as a Master NLP practitioner.

Her practice’s established goal is to help patients achieve mental wellness through an integrative approach. Highly trained in pharmacology, pharmacodynamic therapy, neurolinguistic programming, she attempts to guide patients to make changes in their internal perception of the environment (through coaching, therapy and medication) as well as in the environment itself (changes in diet, exercise level, interpersonal communication).

Through a thorough evaluation of the individual needs of each patient Dr. Daniela White creates an individualized, balanced program to help initiate changes in the internal and external lives of the patients.

The patient has thus an active role in tailoring the treatment plan to become the healthy individual he or she was meant to be, through evidence – based medicine (medications and/or TMS), changes in nutrition and level of physical exercise, and mental programming or therapy. The patients are guided to understand their mental condition at a deeper level and they use different modalities of treatment following the bio-psychsocial model to control the outcome, becoming a participant in the treatment instead of a passive receiver.

Midtown TMS Psychiatry Services offers ‘psychopharmacology with a twist’, mental wellness through an integrative approach, helping patients to control the outcome by mobilizing all internal and external resources..

The environment at the clinic enhances relaxation, the bright colors and the soft light create a soothing feeling from the waiting room. The staff is friendly and eager to provide a good service. The phone calls are returned in 24 hours, and the doctor is available 24 hours for emergencies.

Dr. Daniela White is well known in the Houston Psychiatric Community and collaborates with several therapists, social workers, psychologists and nutritionists to provide a complex treatment.



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Meet Our Team

Gloria Stafford

Gloria Stafford

Medical Assistant/TMS Coordinator/Office Staff
Jeanelle Hodge

Jeanelle Hodge

Office Manager
Linzi Leighton

Linzi Leighton


Linzi Leighton received her Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Arizona State University in 2005. She went on to complete her nursing program at Vanderbilt University and earned her Master of Science in Nursing in 2012. She is a board certified Family Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner. Prior to obtaining her nursing degree Linzi worked for four years in case management at a community mental health clinic in Phoenix, AZ.

Linzi is a member of The American Psychiatric Nurses Association, American Nurses Association and Texas Nurses Association, and Sigma Theta Tau International. She is also a board member of the Psychiatric Advanced Practice Nurses of Houston.

Linzi performs diagnostic evaluations, collaborating with Dr. White on a plan of care to meet the specific needs of the patient, and provides medication management for adolescents and adults with mood disorders, anxiety disorders, PTSD, ADHD, and schizophrenia.

Kayli Joachim

Kayli Joachim


Kayli Jochim, MSN, APRN, PMHNP-BC, is a board-certified psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner. Her Master’s education was completed at the Vanderbilt University, specializing in family psychiatric and mental health nursing. She earned her BSN from Texas Woman’s University in Houston and practiced as a registered nurse at Ben Taub General Hospital on a psychiatric medical/surgical unit. 
Kayli Joachim specializes in child, adolescent and adult populations. She is a board member and President-elect of the Psychiatric Advanced Practice Nurses of Houston (PAPN), and enjoys membership in several professional groups, including the American Psychiatric Nurses Association, Texas Nurse Practitioners, and American Nurse Association.

Nicole Jackson

Nicole Jackson

Medical Assistant/Office Administrator