Does Dr. White Conduct Fitness For Duty Psychiatric Examinations?

Sorry, No, Dr.  White does not conduct Fitness For Duty Psychiatric Exams.


Is Dr. White An Independent Disability Evaluation Provider? 

Sorry, No, Dr. White does not conduct Disability Evaluations.


Does Dr. White provide Emotional Support Animal Letters Of Recommendation?

Yes, Dr. White does provide Emotional Support Animal recommendation letters for existing clients. However, the evaluation of the animal has to be done by a Veterinarian.


What Can I Expect On My Initial Psychiatric Visit?

Your first visit to Midtown Psychiatry will consist of an initial evaluation with one of our doctors or therapists. During this time, an initial evaluation will be conducted comprehensive, personalized biopsychosocial evaluations and treatment plans.

During the evaluation, you will be asked questions about your current symptoms, your past psychiatric history, your medical history and other relevant information. These questions may be personal and uncomfortable to talk about or cause discomfort in some people. You are encouraged to be as open as possible so that the most accurate information can be used to help formulate your case.

If you have past medical or psychiatric records that may be helpful, copies of laboratory results or other test results, please bring them to the first visit. Please also have available contact information of your previous psychiatrists or other physicians taking care of you so that your psychiatrist or therapist can obtain collateral information if needed.


How Often Do I Need To Be Seen?

That answer varies depending on many factors, including the type of medication you are prescribed, your medical condition, and the stability and complexity or your illness. Often, patients are seen more frequently in the beginning stages of treatment, perhaps even weekly; once stability is reached, we reduce the frequency of visits so they are seen less often.

The frequency of appointments is determined through conversations with you and Dr. White but could be as often as every one to two weeks or as long as 90 days.

Many insurance companies put a limit on the number of sessions that they will cover in a calendar year. If you exceed that number, which you may choose to do, then you accept financial responsibility for those sessions. Ultimately, the decision is between you and your doctor.