Psychiatry Services


Mental Health Assessment

The first step to effective treatment for mental health issues involves a thorough diagnostic assessment to determine relevant history, biological predispositions, social factors, genetics, presenting issues and physical symptoms that impact life on a daily basis. Once a detailed assessment is completed,  we then discuss options for an individualized treatment plan that makes sense for each person’s unique needs.

Comprehensive psychometric scales are available on an IPad that assist and facilitate a diagnosis and personalized plan of care.


Psychiatry Services for Adults

Adults receive a comprehensive evaluation at the end of which a treatment plan is discussed. The treatment plan could include pharmacotherapy only, or pharmacotherapy plus counseling. In addition to these interventions, nutritional supplementation is also available. TMS may also be an option based on the mutual decision between the patient and the physician.


Psychiatry Services for Teens

In addition to our work with adults, we also work with teens. Our Adolescents are referred to us by therapists or self referred by families. Adolescence is difficult stressful life stage that is sometimes better addressed by a combination of counseling and medications.


Psychiatry Services for Children

In addition to our work with Adults and Teens, we also work with children. Our Child psychiatry services help kids and parents navigate the challenges of this life stage for both parents and kids so they can better cope with the accompanying age-related challenges and role as a parent. We explore options for treatment that include medications as well as alternatives.


Medication Management Services

If after an assessment we determine that medication is an option for you- we help you choose the best medication and provide medication management to insure it’s effectiveness given your unique circumstances. We use the safest, evidence-based medical practices and genetic testing is available as a guide in the choice of psychotropic medication(s) to meet the patient’s specific genetic makeup.

Periodic follow up visits may be needed to adjust the medication(s) to meet the individual needs of the patient. Genetic testing is available to guide the choice of psychotropic medication(s) which are best to meet the patient’s specific genetic makeup.


TMS Therapy Services

We use NeuroStar TMS Therapy.  NeuroStar TMS Therapy is a proven non-drug treatment for depression.  It is a safe and effective, FDA-cleared, non-drug treatment for depression recommended for people that have failed several treatments of antidepressants or did not tolerate the side effects induced by antidepressants. NeuroStar TMS Therapy achieves results without the side effects associated with antidepressant medications. Treatment involves a highly targeted, pulsed magnetic field to stimulate function in brain regions known to affect mood. Learn more about TMS Treatment.


Treatment Team Coordination

Clinicians communicate with other treatment team providers that could include the therapist, primary care physician, or dietician.



Consultation for Stress Management for Corporations

We help manage stress through our Stress-Less program focusing on lifestyle changes in nutrition, movement, sleep and emotional intelligence.


Our Integrative Therapeutic Approach

We offer a comprehensive array of services that we call “Integrative treatment.” We believe that treatment is most effective when the assessment and intervention is more comprehensive.

We offer lifestyle coaching through our Stress/Less program which is focused on weight management making changes in nutrition exercise level,  creating accountability, changes in sleep hygiene.  Integrative Treatment involves taking a varied approach to treatment, looking at the root causes of distress by examining both physical and emotional causes to mental health issues and creating a treatment plan that incorporates alternative and adjunctive treatment methods.

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We offer Psychiatry Services at Midtown TMS Center in Houston, TX