TMS Therapy Reviews and Testimonials

These TMS Therapy reviews and testimonials are posted on a bulletin board in our Houston office. The information below is posted exactly as written in the notes to our staff by our patients, and their names have been removed to protect confidentiality.

“My experience with TMS was very helpful. I went from being very tired all day and not finding much pleasure in life to seeing hope for the future.”

“TMS helped with my depression symptoms better than any medication ever has with no side effects. I would definitely recommend TMS to those suffering from depression and anxiety.”

“As someone who has struggled with depression on and off my whole life and struggling with another long-term episode I was excited to find a new treatment. After completing the TMS treatment I’ve been able to climb out of that depressive “hole” and start doing the things I need to do to continue to enjoy my life. I would recommend the treatment.”

“My experience with the TMS has been hard for me but everyone has made this experience a whole lot easier. I would recommend this TMS treatment experience to anyone with depression.”

“TMS has improved my depression and I enjoyed it. I needed the clearing of my mind when I came here. I’m not sure I will be medication free, but TMS has made improvements in my overall well being and functioning, thank you.”

“My experience with TMS is positive. I feel a significant even large reduction in my depressive symptoms and remission of suicidal ideation. I highly recommend TMS for those who are having insufficient response to oral medications.

“My experience with TMS was so pleasant. Thank you for helping me get to remission. P. S.,  I recommend this treatment to anyone suffering with major depression.”

If TMS sounds like it might be right for you-please contact us for more information, or to make an appointment to see Dr. Daniela White at 713-426-3100.